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About me

I'm Charles Chin. eallion has been my nickname for over 20 years.
I live in the UTC+08:00 timezone and work from home.
I work in E-commerce, not IT.
My favorite motto is:
"Chance favors the prepared mind."



Product recommendations based on my own experience.
If you need promo codes, please check out my shopping guide website by searching for coupons directly:
👉 www.kubaicai.com
Zowie EC2-A Mouse
I think the Zowie EC2 size is just right for me. I feel like it was made for me.
ChangWang J4125
The Intel 10th generation is currently the best value software router. I chose the J4125 and didn't install any virtual machines, just a simple installation of OpenWrt.
Penta On: 2023/11/27
Penta On: 2023/10/24
Penta On: 2023/10/14
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Since 2006, I have been writing blogs and journals online, going through ups and downs. Except for some politically sensitive content, I have preserved most of my articles to this day. Some of my previous writings may have been vague and unclear, but facing my dark history directly—life never goes as expected, yet I remain passionate about life.
Romain Rolland said: “There is only one heroism in the world: to see the world as it is, and to love it.”
Lifestyle blog posts that record my feelings, thoughts, and reflections.
Articles on technology and coding, mainly as notes to self to document various tinkering processes.
Sharing some interesting, in-depth, and thought-provoking articles and information. Please contact me to delete if there is any copyright infringement!
Some articles posted by other friends back in the early days that I've kept all this time to reminisce over occasionally.